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Director's Message

Director's Message

Welcome to Kids Paradise a Day Borading School.

Kids Paradise Schoool is truly a wonderful learning community. Our dedicated teachers and staff work closely with our students in bringing quality education to every student. Our students consistently show improvement in all areas of academics while becoming involved in a variety of extra curricular activites. Our students are involved in excellent arts programs as well as after school sports. We are proud of our commitment to student achievement and look forward to fature success.
Students and staff enjoy our school campus that is surrounded by charm and advanture. It is exciting to see and experience the special and unique opportunites available to our students.
Students are continuall interacting and engaged whether they are studying/collaborating in our spacious library Media Center, reading and studying in the SCHOOL PREMISES playing and working with pre-school children in the Child Development program, participating in debate competions, discussing politics communicating with student language class or mastering the English language, Carating a projects using computer graphics or robotics. The staff at kids paradise School is professional educators committed to buildig a dynamic and safe learning community for all children in our care.

Our goals are that every child will :
  1. Be challenged and supported to develop his/her talents and skills to his /her full potential.
  2. Develop a strong sense of belonging to and ownership of our school and contribute to building a safe and welcoming community for all.
  3. The development of children as confident and articulate young people able to positively contribute as citizens in the modern world.
  4. Developing a high quality curriculum incorporating information technology so that children experience challenge and success at all ages developmental levels.
  5. Establishing welcoming and inclusive partnership with parents.

If you have any queries ,or would like to make an appointment to have a look at our school or discuss about further growth of your child you can directly get in touch with co-coordinator and please do not hesitate to call the school to make an appointment with the Director and Principal.