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About Us

About Us

Our Play School

Here we believe in the philosophy of whole child development and this is evident in the way we have structured our classroom. Interactive learning facilitated by enticing toys and games, engaging stories and teaching aids and well trained staff that allow the children to explore and learn at Kids Paradise.

Our Nursery

Children do most of their learning before they reach age five and that is why everything about our nursery class involves early childhood development with lots of love and attention. Here learning is fun with my-size games, toys and quality equipment. Hands on learning experiences under the guidance of well trained and caring staff makes our nursery a terrific place to be in.
At Kids Paradise we offer a day long curriculum that gives self paced learning for every child and hence our classrooms are designed as learning and discovery corners.

Blocks Corner

Kids are always on the go. Kids Paradise provides the stimulating environment for a child’s rapid growth. A well stacked block play area where children can learn about sequencing, size shape and indulge in the sheer pleasure of building things and breaking them.

Our Art Corner

Where children explore the concept of colours, shades, textures and enjoy with paints, chalks, play with gum and paper.

Role Play and Puppets Corner

A place where they learn about the world and their environment, they learn to put their needs into words and have a fun time experimenting with colourful costumes and puppets.

Computer Corner

To equip todays child with the technology he needs tomorrow and the past way to do so is with a mouse. He learns to identify alphabets on the keyboards, he learns to move the mouse and enjoy age appropriate programs.

Math and Cooking Corner

Here the kids learn simple maths and number concepts like half, full, empty, before, after.

Science Corner

Watching a seed grow into plant, watching a flower or leaf change its colours, learning about the different animals and plants and lots more. Having fun is what our little scientists do best in the science corner.

Music and Movement Corner

Rhyme and rhythm teach children to listen and identify the different sounds, action songs and rhythm exercises for the kids to have fun with. The different musical instruments give them a chance to explore and enjoy making music and moving their bodies to music.